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What to eat in Philadelphia's near Western suburbs

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This is about food… food on the Main Line…. or NEAR the Main Line… or sometimes maybe not. As I mentioned, these posts will be mostly about lunches in the Lower Merion/Havertown/Manayunk/Roxborough area. On weekends we often head to Philadelphia to lunch with our son (who lives there.)

I do have some favorite spots, so there will be duplicate postings for different dishes.  I generally don’t write negative reviews. If I have a bad meal, and bring it to the attention of the powers that be, and they don’t display any sense of contrition, I just don’t return.

Occasionally, I may post about dinner  here or in the City, or about places to buy food for home prep, but for the most part, these will be reasonable noontime repasts, and the places chosen will probably have Irish whiskey behind the bar.

Time is an illusion … lunchtime doubly so. ” – Douglas Adams


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