Tried the new Naf Naf in K of P today on the way to Costco. I’d been to one in Chicago. Compared to average fast food, it’s really good (but average fast food is probably going to average less than $12.50 pp.) It’s probably closer to a Chipotle experience where the counter people build your meal. You can get bowls based on hummus, rice or cous cous, or you can choose pita. There is chicken or beef shawarma, falafel or kofta (ground beef kabob) and a variety of vegetable matter (red cabbage, sumac onions etc.) and then a few sauces (tahini, harissa, etc.) The harissa was QUITE spicy. My biggest complaint is the steam table treatment of the Schwarma. Granted the last Schwarma I had was in Bahrain (very authentic) but shaving the meat off the rotating hunk gives you the real deal. The chix fares better in the steam table than the beef, but both get dry and lose the crunchiness of the bark. The meat is dry rub marinated overnight. The fries are actually the highlight.. Hybrid chip / fries were very tasty. The pita was fresh as well.. I think made in-house. Bottom line, I would not go out of the way to return, but if I were in the neighborhood at lunchtime I’d eat there again.