John’s Roast Pork on Snyder. They still hold the belt for best cheesesteak IMO. This was American, fried onions and sauce (NOT a “pizza steak.”) Incredibly seasoned loin tail (8 oz. or more) in a seeded Carangi Bakery roll – similar to a Sarcone’s. Many prefer this cut to the typical rib eye. It IS free of gristle. I had the small roast pork (so as not to overeat) and they use a softer roll that does not hold up to the juice. I think DiNic’s at the Reading Terminal actually does a better roast pork. Nonetheless, the steak still rules. I can think of none better.


This is the signature roast pork with sharp Provolone and mandatory pepper rings.


The beef doesn’t suck either.


And just because it’s the dead of winter and hovering near zero is no reason not to enjoy a few sammies on the picnic tables outside…