636 Markley Street, Norristown, PA

El Molcajete is an unassuming little taqueria on Market Street directly across from the Elm Street Station. It would be easy to miss.

While the menu is not as extensive as El Primo, a mile or so up the road, it holds its own as a purveyor of authentic Puebla-style Mexican.

It certainly helps to speak Spanish here (the signs for specials are not translated.) Gringos automatically get English menus, which are well translated. Also, the manager who saw us struggling to decode the various tacos immediately came to out assistance and explained the more esoteric fillings (beef head, tripe, etc.)

My wife went with the more traditional carnitas for her tacos (served with house made tortillas.) I went with the special huarache – steak and cactus on a bed of refried beans and an elongated flatbread of masa. It was sprinkled with a nice queso fresco and drizzled with crema.) My wife also ordered a side of Mexican rice and beans, which were simply seasoned, but very savory.

As we waited for out orders, we were served a plate of fresh tortilla chips with a thin refried bean drizzle, and red and green salsas, both of which were pretty fiery. There was also a small condiment bar with roasted hots, lime wedges, onions etc.

My Agua Fresca (tamarind) was huge and fresh.. among the better ones I can recall.)

Certainly worthy of a try for adventurous fans of authentic Mexican. The most expensive item on the menu is < $19.  Our bill came to $25. They do accept credit cards.