2 Maple Street
Conshohocken, PA 19428




There are two locations, the other being at 8th and Fitzwater, in South Philly.  This Conshy location is one I’ve passed dozens of times on the way to Tee’s Golf center (a great driving and chipping range) a couple of miles down West Elm.

I can’t believe I’d not stopped here sooner.  It’s an obscure section of town to be sure, but the abundance of locals is proof that this is a destination spot, and not your average corner bar.

To begin, I was shocked to see a busy sushi station in the back of the room.  This is NOT the kind of place one expects to see that.   There is a large row of local craft drafts behind the bar, and the posted specials indicate that this is also not your average “wings and cheesesteak” joint (though both are on the menu.)

Though I was tempted to try the poutine, I have never had a stellar example outside the province of Quebec, and as this was a $10 order, would be something I’d only risk sharing as an app.

Most of the food is of the “free-range, locally sourced” variety, clearly putting this in the gastropub category.

As I had eaten two burgers for lunch the previous two days (really good ones) I opted for what they called the “Wild Cod Burger” – hand-dipped to order wild Cod fried and topped w/ cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Old Bay mayo.  It came with excellent (though not crispy) hand cut fries.  The friendly young woman behind the bar gladly swapped my proffered ketchup for my preferred malt vinegar.

Like most of their sandwiches, it came served on a Conshohocken Bakery roll (which elevates ANY sandwich right off the bat.)  In this case, it was a POTATO roll (which muse be custom-ordered, as I have never seen them on the shelves at the bakery.)   It was fresh and delicious, but barely substantial enough to make it to the last bite.  I wonder how it would hold up to a juicy medium rare beef burger.

In any event, the menu looked VERY interesting, creative and original.  I look forward to a return visit.