5826 Henry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Ahhh, Chubby’s. In Roxborough at Henry Ave. and Walnut Lane… The rival of D’Allesandro’s as Genos is to Pat’s at 9th and Passayunk. D’Allesandro’s makes a good sammie (and either of these are preferable to their S.Philly counterparts) but IMO chops the meat WAY too finely. Both are guilty (at dead noon) of piling the flattops with 10 pounds of meat which become grey blobs of steamed flesh. But at 2:30 in the afternoon, when the crowds have subsided, and the grill master has time to concentrate on YOUR specific cheesesteak… near perfection. The rib eye at Chubby’s is coarsely chopped (not minced) so that it tastes like STEAK. The onions could not even be described as “coarse.” They are cut into CHUNKS, and they are crunchy. It’s not for everyone, but these sweet, sweated beauties give TEXTURE to the sandwich.

Although the menu still says Amoroso, after nearly a quarter century they switched over to Liscio’s (as have many places around here.) These particular bread vessels measure close to 12 inches, and are stuffed with at least 3/4 lb. of meat. This one has a combination of Whiz and American, and as is my habit, a slather of rich marinara sauce.

It’s rare that I can’t finish a cheesesteak (OK, it’s NEVER happened) but this gave me a run for my money, even on an empty stomach. At $8.19 (odd price) it is a serious bargain. Chubby’s has a full bar, so a shot of Jameson and a Bud (they didn’t have Yuengling on tap) made this a < $20 lunch before tip. I highly recommend this place (as long as you are pulling the late shift.)

A Chubby’s steak easily weighs in at a half pound.    Get one of these COOKED to ORDER if you can.  If not, duck around the corner to the Henry James Saloon and get one made just for you on a Conshohocken Bakery roll.