I think many of us have posted about The Greeks‘ kitchen turnaround. They could almost qualify as a gastropub if they were more pretentious. This turkey/brie/pear melt on whole grain toast was STUNNING… Succulent bird and sweet pear tied together with molten brie and a mustard sauce was bar food at another level.

I DID opt for chips (to save the calories on fries, and somehow, the house salad just seemed TOO healthy as an accompaniment.) I usually don’t bitch about chips unless they’re stale. I was told 3/4 of the bags from Herr’s show up crushed to this extent. That BLOWS for a local product. Hopefully, enough complaints will flow back to Nottingham. a 50-mile ride should not do this to waffle chips.



Dinner menu  – Peppercorn duck at the Greeks. Not your father’s bar food. Could have been crispier in my opinion, but not a bad attempt at elevating duck in a Tavern.