Sardi’s Pollo ala Brasa is finally open on City Line between Tony Roni’s and Boston Market. We did the signature chicken (Family Special – Two birds and four large sides for $37, including a large soda.) Among my wife and hearty-eater son, we could only finish one chicken. It was DELICIOUS! Even the breast meat was juicy. The seasoning was extraordinary, especially since cumin is a principal ingredient. You could DETECT it, but it did not overwhelm as cumin often does. Same with the garlic. Two of the three included sauces seemed mayonnaise-based…Maybe all of them. Apparently that is a popular Peruvian thing.The green was more herbal, and my favorite. As this chicken is brined, we ended up drinking a lot of water in bed, but it did not taste overly salty when we ate it. We got fries and yucca (middle of the road steak fries) Yucca, I decided, is an acquired taste – or lack thereof.) The beans and rice were excellent. Unfortunately, we did not get the Peruvian corn, and I had added an extra large order. When I called, they immediately apologized, saying they were making it up fresh for me, and just forgot. I had placed a phone order, and it was ready by the time I made the five minute drive. They said they would credit me, so I guess I will go for lunch today before they forget. The menu is extensive. They were doing a nice business considering they had only been open one day. I understand the Maryland locations are know for waiting lines out the door. Prices are quite reasonable for the quality and the prep. I’m sure I’ll be back often.


Lamb chops is  another nice dish at Sardi’s. I was chatting with the manager, Sean (we’re now on a first name basis) and he asked if I’d ever tried the lamb chops. I’d already ordered a half chicken, but told him I’d try them out another time. Five minutes later, he brings these to my table. If I’d ever had better lamb chops, I can’t remember when. Even though they were well done, they were juicy and falling apart tender. The charcoal really came through as well. I’m really liking this place more and more..


The Chicarron de Pollo are what God intended chicken tenders to be.  Served with pickled onions and peppers.. A fried delicacy.