Sometimes you just want to keep lunch simple .. like an order of wings. When you do, you want the CRISP and HOT and so full of flavor you forget you’re just eating what is likely the cheapest part of a bird, deep fried and coated with high-calorie concoctions.  This place does them right.

Teriyaki wings special @ John Henry‘s. REALLY good meaty, crispy wings. Well seasoned and served with chunky blue. Everyday flavors:  Hot, Mild, Burn Your A**, Caribbean Jerk, Jameson BBQ, Hot & Sweet Pepper Glaze, Garlic Parmesan, Chipotle Honey Lime  – 10.99


John Henry’s Pub on Cricket in Ardmore has a regular all day (until 3:30) special with a Cheeseburger, fries and beer for $10. I’d eaten here several times (before this special) and the Prime Rib and roast pork sammies were quite good. Nothing to RAVE about, but solid bar food. I was in the hood today, and noticed the special. The burger is a combination of dry aged beef (cut unspecified) Brisket and Chuck. I wish I had the palate to distinguish the ratios, but suffice it to say, they work. There is a HINT of funkiness associated with the dry aged portion, and the depth of flavors from brisket and chuck make this a standout burger. Cooked EXACTLY medium rare as ordered. There are multiple options for fries. Shoestring were not REALLY thin, but for frozen fries, they were VERY tasty and “clean” if you know what I mean.. No hint of rancid oil, etc. Great staff. If you are looking for a lunch burger and have not tried this, please do.



These were Thanksgiving week Cranberry jalapeño wings.  No heat, and not particularly crispy.   I think I’ll stick to weekdays ….  This was a Sunday kitchen.



New York Strip Cheesesteak

As much as the $10 burger/fries/beer deal is tempting, I decided to peruse the menu. Usually, I don’t read detail on cheesesteaks, as they are typically full of meaningless verbiage. I’m glad I dug into this one… “Cheesesteak with American, Provolone or Cheese Sauce made with thinly sliced house roasted strip steak 9.99”

STRIP STEAK?? OMG… I queried the amiable bartender, and was advised that they serve strip steaks on the regular dinner menu, but as they have their own meat slicer, set aside a hunk for these sammies. I couldn’t resist. The “Cheese Sauce” I found out was not from a can of Whiz, but an in-house blend of three cheeses. This place is a regular gastropub!!

I skipped the marinara sauce and onions to sample this unique specimen in its most unadulterated form. It really is a genre unto itself in the world of cheesesteaks. While rib eye and top round are common, and loin tail can be found in some of the better venues, actual NY Strip is new to me in my half century of consuming these. It really did taste like a New York strip. A relatively lean cut, it was devoid of grease, but not at all dry. The roll (assuming Liscios) was unscathed through the last bite. This is really worth trying if you are someone who is put off by greasy versions (I am not.)

They offer a large range of fries .. I found these shoestrings just right.

So is this my new favorite? Nahh.. I kind of like a little more grease in the mix. Would I eat it again? In a New York Strip second !!!