Shangri-La Inn – Bala Cynwyd. Some days, I just can’t handle the drive all the way to Ardmore.

This is not Jason’s Toridasu, but it’ll do. Sushi Supreme for $14.95 – A bowl of decent hot miso soup (or salad) and 9 pretty good sized pieces of nigiri + a tekka maki (tuna roll.)

Fish was fresh enough.. not outstanding, but nothing about which to complain. There was a reasonable variety. A bottle of Sapporo was $3.75 (cheap) and a shot of Maker’s Mark $6.95 (average.)

Service was fast and efficient. It was neither friendly or cordial in any way, but I came here to eat raw fish and not to socialize, so that’s OK. There are less expensive sushi/maki options ($10.95) and a slew of other Bento/Chinese/Hibachi options.

I know lots of people on FB say they got sick from the hibachi, but I can neither confirm nor deny those stories. I never had their hibachi, but I’ve never gotten sick from anything I ate here.

I hate to end a review on such faint praise, so suffice it to say, on days when I can’t make the short trek to Jason’s or want a shot and beer with my sushi, I’ll return.


12/19/2016 update :  Since a lunch special is only $7.00 I treated myself to a sushi combo appetizer before the shredded pork with garlic sauce :