Sam’s Malaysian and Japanese opened in Wynnewood yesterday. Parking is the same cluster#$%^% as always, but we found a spot easily. The entire menu is pretty extensive, and included Sushi/Sashimi/Rolls and some Chinese standards. We went for Malaysian (from the lunch specials menu.) Started off with roti canai – steaming hot, with crispy edges,served with a curry dipping sauce with some nice hunks of chicken thigh and potato. This COULD have been a meal. Wonton soup was nicely seasoned broth .. a hint of ginger .. and tender wontons with luscious shrimp. My wife had off from work today, and went with the mango chicken. Quite tasty. I went with my bellwether Beef Rendang (they offer a chicken version, but I don’t suppose that is very authentic.) The beef was. Long stewed chuck dry rubbed in spices that give a slightly grainy texture peculiar to this dish was tougher then our palates expect. I have had this in many Malaysian / Indonesian restaurants and it ALWAYS has some chew to it, and I’ve been told by natives that it is typical, at least in restaurant versions. Coconut rice and slivers of cuke offered a cool contrast. Spring rolls were meh, but they were included.

The menu is intriguing. Definitely worth a return visit.