Since everyone is reviewing this place, I thought it time to add my $00.02 to the mix. I went today, Monday, for lunch at 11:30 just as they opened. The thing I immediately noticed is that this is a CORPORATE store, and everyone is in training. There is no “seat yourself” – even at the bar.. you will be properly escorted by the doorman. EVERYONE is cheerful and perky, which granted, compared to being served by a bunch of disinterested assholes is a GOOD thing.. You just have to be ready for it if you grew up in Philly.

It was nice to see bar specials, especially $3 Yuenglings, as that is my beverage of choice. A shot of Jameson, however, at $10.50 is about $4.50 more than you pay at the Greeks… enough to make one reconsider their drinking strategy.

The lunch menu (pictured below, as a courtesy since they scrupulously avoid publishing their prices online) give a fair idea of what you might spend. I felt compelled to check out the signature pizza, but equally compelled to try the wings (and fortunately, a small order was available at lunch.) The (sincerely) cheerful barmaid asked if I would like the wings first (I would) and timed the meal perfectly. One thing I immediately ascertained about cooking with Anthracite (vs. wood or charcoal) is that it imparts just about ZERO flavor on the food. It burns hot. That is its sole virtue. The lack of seasoning on the wings made the focaccia and caramelized onions the star of that show. Not what i had expected.

Although a specialty pizza would have ended up the same price as a standard with two toppings, I wanted a baseline for future comparison, so ordered prosciutto and long hots on a lunch pizza. Lean domestic prosciutto was added at the end, but quickly warmed to cheese temps. Sauce and cheese were both more artisanal than standard NY slab, and the crust was gloriously singed and crispy. It was a good $10 ‘za.

The long hots were BLOODY hot .. It was explained to me that the heat of the peppers is “luck of the draw” from pepper to pepper. I did notice that they did not seed them (which I did, even though I love heat.. I wanted to taste something besides the pepper.)

So overall, it was another $30 lunch…which could easily be mitigated by dropping the shot and wings (which I will next time.) I would certainly return, as any place with a good ‘za and a cold draft is better than a place without either.