While it was fresh in my mind, I went to Sam’s Brick Oven Pizza – 2626 E County Line Rd, Ardmore to compare against Anthony’s apples to apples. I didn’t bother with wings, because that was nolo contendere. Also, the pie atSam’s is 12″ as opposed to 10″ and I am not a COMPLETE pig.

So the ‘za was 2″ larger for the same price. Prosciutto was pretty much the same quality, but Sam’s chopped it up, and distributed it (so it was easier to eat than whole strips added at Anthony’s.) Sam’s partially seeded the long hots so they were hot but not KILLER hot. Also chopped more so evenly distributed.

Sauce and cheese were very similar.. artisan style on both counts. As for the crust, Anthony’s takes an edge for the crispiness, courtesy of the coal heat. Sam’s was lighter and airier… still crispy, but more delicate.

Where the REAL difference comes in shows up on the tab. A shot of Tullamore Dew Irish whiskey at Sam’s is $4.50 !!! This is $10.00 at Anthony’s. Now, I frequent bars that are not patronized by decent individuals and THEY charge $6+ for a shot of Irish. $4.50 is RIDICULOUS. Screw the pizza… I’d go to Sam’s and just drink whiskey. The pizza and wings are just the bonus plan.




I was in the neighborhood, so HAD to stop by Sam’s Brick Oven. I decided it was time for the ultimate test.. cheesesteak. It was VERY well executed. Coarse chop, perfect onions, nice sauce (It IS a pizza place) all perfectly blended on what I am 90% certain is a Liscio’s roll. They and Amoroso are tied these days for the “standard” with Conshohocken Bakery holding the edge. I’d estimate the sammy to hold 6 oz. of real chipped steak.. Not a 3/4 lb. filler that Chubby’s offers, but substantial enough for any non glutton. Certainly worth considering if you are there for the ridiculously reasonable libations. Oh, and at $7 with hot garlic Parmesan fries, it is very well priced


Garlic Parmesan wings rock.