Taylor’s Café in Roxborough was a block away from our dog groomer, so it was time to try it out. Breakfasts looked fantastic (and they serve La Colombe) but it was 1:00 PM so, lunch it was. Wife had a very nice BLT and delicious fries (the textured kind.) I went with a turkey club and their house made thick chips (also delicious.) The turkey club was missing cheese and mayo (for which I asked) but contained tomatoes (which I’d ask be omitted) but the food took awhile to get there so I did not complain. The staff was friendly to the point where one gets suspicious.. Usually, hipster diner staff are not THAT friendly, but they were either genuine or very well trained. The atmosphere is kind of ultra modern diner and the place is VERY large. There is some outside seating in the back which were all occupied on this unusually mild November Sunday. Will absolutely go back, but probably for breakfast. All the lunch ingredients were fresh and of high quality. I just suspect breakfast is their forte.