I’m not sure how long they are running this special, but the $9 stuffed-jalapeno burger at the Great American Pub in Narberth is a great sammie. There were several folks at the bar who didn’t believe I’d be able to fit in in my mouth. So glad we have the Nature Channel on FIOS, and I’d seen Anacondas unhinge their jaws to consume enormous prey. This was delicious, perfectly done and VERY filling. The Great American had always done fine burgers, but this sets a new bar.



Great American Pub, Narberth.. The chalkboard had me at “bone in fried chicken.” Hard to find this in a bar these days for <$17. This special at $11 included the first order of Cole Slaw I have ever considered more than decorative.. Made with honey and craisins, it was a tad sweet, but a nice compliment to the crispy and moist dark-meat yardbird. Hot sauce gave it the necessary kick, but good “bones.” Saved me a trip to Popeyes for the craving.


When none of the specials tickle your fancy, you can never go wrong with the house roasted turkey breast sandwich… Even with gravy and cheese, you can eat it with your fingers… but they DO give you extra napkins…. greatamerican

Buttermilk chicken sliders… These folks should post their daily specials on FaceBook.