The upside to even a rare mediocre meal at Pho Anh Hong is that H-Mart is right next door. The produce alone (dirt cheap) is worth the trip. They had on the order of nine varieties of yam.

I am amazed that the cashiers just casually check these hundreds of obscure bits of vegetation without the benefit of bar codes. At the Acme, I am constantly required to explain shallots. Of course, I have never looked at the receipt. Maybe they just charge a buck for everything, and hope it will average out ?? Anyway, H-Mart is a trip, and there IS a food court upstairs. Also, around the corner at Terminal Square a new West African place called “Kings and Queens” just opened. It’s Halal (not that I care) and mostly offers stews for 11-13 bucks made with fish, lamb, goat or turkey. We stopped in and met the chef/owner.. Will definitely go back and try it. Seemed very authentic (and full of very happy Africans, most of whom seemed to be eating the fish.)