7036 Terminal Square, Upper Darby, PA

BBQ Pork Bahn mi ($4) and Steak, Flank and Tendon Pho ($7.50)
It’s basically the same drive from Bala Cynwyd to Upper Darby or Bryn Mawr. Pho Street has a bit more “ambiance”, and the constant din of blenders making Jackfruit and Durian Fruit smoothies can be annoying, but this little dive is very authentic and popular with the locals. I prefer the lighter wrappers on Pho Street’s spring rolls. The four buck Bahn mi is a real bargain though, with light-as-air Vietnamese bread, and fresh, flavorful fillings. The Pho takes awhile for the flavors to blend, so it’s a good idea to get something on which to snack while time and chemistry work their magic.

The eye round is nearly raw when the bowl hits the table, and by the time you work through the noodles, the tendon is like butter.


Charbroiled pork on broken rice (Com Tam Thit Nuong) is another favorite here:  bbqpork


A big plus is the H-Mart supermarket next door (where the produce is cheaper than Produce Junction) and they will prep a fresh fish any way you like, from severing the head, to gutting, to filleting. They also have a few dozen cuts of pork belly, pre-marinated ribeye, live blue crabs and heads-on prawns. Sai Ba Dee, right next door, offers a little more upscale Thai and Cambodian offers. Terminal Square is always a nice little weekend jaunt.