I know I said I really don’t post negative reviews, but you just don’t DO this to a cheesteak.

Landmark Americana Tap and Grill at St. Joe’s : I was getting a tire repaired at STS, and thought I’d kill the time by having lunch. Perkin’s still doesn’t have a bar, so I walked the block and a half to Landmark (next to Larry’s.) I guess with four stores, they are a mini-chain. They are all set up near colleges (which puzzles me in a state where the drinking age is ostensibly 21.) Maybe they rely on grad students and professors? But I digress.

I was intrigued by the short rib cheesesteak. I knew it would be nontraditional, but it sure sounded like a tasty variation. It actually was not bad, and could have been really GOOD were it not for the bread/filling ratio. I sprung the extra buck for long hots which could barely be seen but gave a definite kick, that was worth it. Also sprung an extra buck to add garlic/Parmesan to the fries which WOULD have been worth it had they not been salted to the extent that they were inedible. They were also kind of lukewarm considering it was 11:45 and I was the only one the kitchen had to service.

Bartender was friendly, but did not check on the meal, nor inquire as to why nearly a full order of fries was left on the plate uneaten. I was not going to make a scene or instruct a chain how to prepare their house specialties over a side.

In sum, the sammy was good, as long as one first discards 1/3 of the spongy white-bread roll. They have lots of drink specials. Probably a lot of their dishes are very good for a sports bar. I wouldn’t go out of my way, though unless I had time to kill near campus. With a Tullamore Dew and Yuengling draft, the tab was $30 (compared to a similar lunch at the Greeks which would click in at $17.)