There are times when lunch is about exploring new options.. seeking out exotic flavors and textures. Lunch can be a welcome respite in the middle of a workday, where the warmth of an Irish whisky followed by the first sip of as frothy lager readies the palate for an artisanal creation of an inventive culinary wizard toiling in a hot kitchen to bring the customer a new and delightful experience.

And there are times when you have 30 minutes to get out the door, into your car, park, scarf down something hot, and be back at your desk for a string of uninterrupted conference calls until 6:00.

Tony Roni’s is great for the latter. You never know what the pizza-by-the slice selection will be, but it kind of doesn’t matter because you can pretty much select a couple of slices at random and inside the BBQ/Red/White spectrum, they’ll be pretty similar to those on any other visit. Tony Roni is more or less a NY style pie .. relatively thin crust, a reasonable amount of sauce, and commercial Mozzarella.. not too stringy, but not as greasy as some. It’s pretty much the pie you will get at any mall from Maine to Honolulu. Nothing WRONG with that .. the peppers will be fresh, the slice no more than a few hours out of the oven, and for under $10 (with tip) you’re downing two slabs and a fountain soda.

Service is always friendly and efficient. They DO have some sammies, salads and pastas that are equally inoffensive as the slabs. I’ve certainly had far better pizzas, but I’ve had worse.