Actually on the Philly side of City Line. I’d always appreciated the freshness of the ingredients here as well as the very attentive service. What I’d always missed though, was any sense of adventure in the spice department. “Hot and spicy beef” was usually the latter, but never qualified as “hot” in the Szechuan sense. I needed a quick meal today so stopped in and ordered this lunch special. I DID however, ask the server to prepare it “Hen La” – asking her to correct my Mandarin pronunciation (which she did.) It also resulted in her delivering a side of chili oil which brought this competent but mundane dish up a couple of notches. They’ve always been good at making tender beef (which few Chinese restaurants seems to manage.) The addition of heat made this a very pleasant lunch (and even with the up charge for lo mein over rice) was less than $10. Wonton soup was nothing special, but I left full with a tingle still on my lips.

Sauteed Beef below: