Fat Ham – Court at King of Prussia

Sbraga’s take on the classic Nashville Hot Chicken recipe has been touted as the “best fried chicken” in Philadelphia. We happened to be in King of Prussia today, so I thought it time to verify the claim. There is no separate lunch / dinner menu so this dish clocked in at a hefty $16 with no sides (save for a hunk of un-toasted white bread with some ranch dressing and a few tiny dill pickle slices (as tradition dictates.)) The wife ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which came with excellent sweet potato fries) at $11. She got the better deal.

The quality of the chicken was fine, but a leg and thigh is not exactly a filling lunch. The menu mentioned that this dish “contained pork” and that obviously referred to the fact it was fried in lard (which was also likely a main ingredient in the seasoned batter/breading.) This chicken WAS hot. I am a guy who now orders 11 on a 1-10 scale at Han Dynasty, and found this burning. The coating to meat ratio on the thigh sometimes meant a mouthful of searing capsicum and bread without the benefit of chicken meat to balance it. This cannot be ordered with the heat level scaled up or down.

The cool ranch, and a “Sweaty Betty” Bavarian-style Hefeweizen helped cool things down, but my lips were still burning by the time I finished a shopping trip at Costo (where I COULD have easily downed a dog, but thought better of it considering the volume of lard I’d just consumed .)

So, in terms of experience, I HAD to try it, but would not bother a second time. Quite frankly, the KFC version is not too far off, and considerably less expensive.