Hey !!! “Let’s go out for German !!” — says hardly anyone ever. Well, maybe in Germany, but around here it’s hard to get your Jaegerschnitzel on without trekking to some obscure parts of the North East.

Since most people have SOME occasion to drive to Willow Grove/ Doylestown / whatever, Otto’s is right off the Turnpike exit on 611. As tempting as it may be to stop at Nino’s Pizzarama another mile up the road will have you donning your lederhosen and quaffing down a few Weissbiers before you can get to the verb.

I went for an ancestral favorite, Hungarian Goulash, served over superb tender spaetzle with sweet and vinegary red cabbage on the side. My wife had a pair of subtly seasoned veal sausages (bratwurst) that were not at all garlicky as the pork versions often are. Her sides were very good sauerkraut and creamy homemade mashed potatoes. Each of our meals was about $10.00

Otto’s has a thriving local bar scene (not fancy, but thriving.) The German draft collection is outstanding and very reasonable.

Service is charming, and can seem slow to the urbanized, but actually sets a relaxed pace.

This is a genuine old school mom and pop place that would be worth visiting if only because they are a dying breed. Sundays is a German buffet with Prime Rib and most of their German specials for $21. I’ll have to try it. I have had excellent breakfasts and lunches here over the years. I’m sure a dinner would induce sleep before I got to the Mid County tolls, so I’ll need a designated driver.

If you are unfamiliar with German fare (basically simple and fattening meat and potatoes) give it a shot. It’s quite authentic, and of you ARE a fan, this is one of the few places you’ll find these dishes, prepared by hand for a bargain price.