It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a lunch review. Though my work schedule usually provides me the luxury of flexible lunches, I am taking an online course from Harvard Business School that is EXTREMELY time consuming and eats up every spare minute of my work day. Subsequently, my lunch meals have often been the 15-minute options like Tony Roni, Five Guys, or the occasional takeout from Han Dynasty. Day drinking has been out of the question.

Having finished two quizzes early (and done miserably on each) I figured a one day respite was in order. As I took my dog to be groomed in nearby Roxborough, a side trip to a previously untested sports bar with a promising menu was in order.

In general, sports bars tend to have disappointing food, and this was no exception. Some of the cheesesteaks seemed appealing (especially the ones with fries on them in the Pittsburgh Primanti Bros. tradition.) However the “Wiz Wit Pizza” called my name. I probably should have bought an Elio’s from Acme. The crust had a “pre-fab” texture to it, and the mozzarella cheese (though not the bubble gum kind) had a buttery softness to it that though not unpleasant, had an odd mouth feel. Sauce was OK. There were a couple of dabs of Cheese Wiz added here and there, but the steak meat appeared to have been scavenged bits from the flat top. There was not sufficient meat here to have come from a standard sandwich portion.

I usually try to avoid negative reviews, but i’ll make an exception here. I may go back and try something else, but for $30 (including a local draft and two shots of Jameson) I have had better lunch values.