This BYOB opened on Essex Ave. in early February.

I went to the soft opening with limited menu. Mostly just Pho and crispy Egg Rolls until next week (and cash only until they get running.) The Egg Rolls were actually the more authentic Spring Roll wrappers, served piping hot, stuffed with minced pork with the traditional sweet daikon / carrot and sauce. I had a HUGE bowl of Flank Pho. The single waiter was adorably nervous and a bit flustered, but obviously trying his best to get through opening day jitters. The missing jalapeños were immediately delivered, and added just the right bite to the delicious steaming broth. They actually have an educational reliquary on the wall showing the Pho spices. 


They have expended their menu to include my go-to Vietnamese dish ; Bun Thit Nuong – Grilled pork vermicelli in a bowl with lettuce, mint, carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, and cucumbers topped with roasted peanut and scallion. The BBQ pork was spot on.. subtly sweet yet savory, tender, and pleasingly warm. At just under $10, it is a relatively nutritious and filling lunch. I’ve decided I’m not a fan of the crispy egg rolls. The chicken just doesn’t do it for me (and I’m not opposed to two pork dishes in one lunch (three if there are bahn mi on the menu.))

So I am happy to see an alternative to their soup offerings (as good as they are.) I will be ordering this one again !