Yiro Yiro is a relatively new modern Greek storefront in Roxborough.  Located directly across from Bob’s Diner, once can ponder one’s own mortality gazing at the graveyard behind Bob’s while consuming interesting spins on traditional Greek fare.

As the name implies, Gyros are the main attraction, available in chicken, pork or beef/lamb combo varieties.  Falafel is also available for non-carnivores.  $8 gets you a well-stuffed warm pita with onions and tomatoes.   $10.50 buys a plate with with a side of fries, rice pilaf or dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) and a small salad of chopped cuke, cherry tomato, onions, peppers and a dollop of feta cheese. Warm pita is served sliced in little triangles.

Either way, sauces are listed below:


“Fresko” seems a mish-mosh of ketchup and some other things.  I cut off the description when it started with “ketchup”   The spicy Tzatziki was pretty good.

Funny thing, though… the Yiros are MUCH more like shwarma than the compressed, part-filler Gyros one finds most places.  They are shaved from huge cones spinning on vertical spits, but are obviously made of whole muscle.  The beef/lamb combo (which I ordered) tasted more like beef than lamb.  Also, though I saw the staff shaving portions from the cones, the texture of the meat on my plate indicated that it had been sliced previously, as there were no crispy bits, and the mouthfeel  had that “fuzzy” feeling beef and lamb can get when it steams a bit in a pile.

I went with the plate. Fries were decent, frozen shoestring variety, served unsalted. Salad was fresh and tasty. The mound of meat was HUGE.  I did order a pork skewer (available for $3 as an add-on to a plate.)

Next time I go, that is what I will order.  I asked the owner, as I was leaving what the difference was between a skewer and a souvlaki, and he replied that he’d thought people would not understand “Souvlaki.” Go figure.  It was juicy and tender, and nicely seared. Actually it was quite delicious.

The place was spotlessly clean, like a well-maintained chain, but I was assured it is a single-owner shop.  Greek pop music was a bit loud sitting by the window, but there is apparently quieter seating in the back.