I made a trek to Broomall to sample the wares at Soprano’s Trattoria and Catering. The menu was quite extensive, but in order to fit into a lunch budget, we ordered and split two sammies; Hot Roast Pork with roasted long hots and the Soprano Special Hoagie – PROSCIUTTO, SOPPRESSATA, MORTADELLA, SHARP PROVOLONE, ROASTED PEPPERS, OLIVE OIL & OREGANO ON FRESH CRUSTED ITALIAN ROLL.

I’ll start with the pork… Expertly seasoned, with the initial hit of sage – the hallmark of any S. Philly grandmother with more vowels than consonants in her name. There was just enough broth to moisten the pork .. a little pool on the plate, but not enough to soak through the substantial unseeded roll. Provolone was sharp enough, and the long hots had a good bite without overpowering the meat. Among the best roast pork I’ve sampled, but not a match for a Paesano’s Arista on Carangi with it’s crunchy bits scattered throughout.

The hoagie DID come on a seeded roll, and was constructed with quality (Boar’s Head) meats. Not overstuffed, but amply filled. The roasted red peppers and olive oil provided much-needed moisture. Personally, I can do without tomato and lettuce on a hoagie. Onions might have been nice though.

Speaking of onions, the beer-battered rings were spot on. Vidalia-style sweetness, hot from the oil, and crunchy to the last one. A “must-order” IMO if you are a fan of rings. Fries were huge steak fries, tender inside, and crispy out, dusted with Old Bay. They were not as hot as the rings, but for frozen fries, a good effort. @ $6 each, they were good portions for sharing.

My dining companion, Azi brazenly asked who made the rolls (and was turned down – trade secret.) We WERE told that various local bakeries make them Soprano’s specs, and he no longer tells customers who they are, since they can’t get them there anyway. 🙂

Broomall was a good 1/2 hr. from Bala Cynwyd, so I’m not sure it will be a destination for me, but certainly an option if I were in the neighborhood. Yelpers complained about the service, but we found them friendly and accommo
dating. I’d have enough confidence to order dinner entrees there any time. There was adequate parking and seating (even outdoor tables.)