Sometimes, there’s nothing like good diner food when you’re craving it. Even BAD diner food can scratch a certain itch, but when a venerable greasy spoon has been in operation as long as these guys (with the same staff and the same clientele) it’s special no matter what. For the most part, the food is better than average. Gravies may show a heavy hand with the salt shaker, but the stuff is made from scratch. Same with the soup.. same with the mashed potatoes (which tasted like mashed BAKED potatoes, which I figure they probably are, since baked potatoes are one of the sides.) My wife ordered meat loaf and carrots (which I shared, so was not compelled to order a REAL vegetable.) I ordered half a fried chicken, but they were out of fried chicken, so the waitress recommended the turkey. She assured me that it was roasted there and she didn’t lie. There were even crispy bits of skin mixed in that pile of moist white meat. I usually see that profile on top of stuffing, or bread, but this was actually a HUGE mound of white meat.. for $9.95. With two sides (I also ordered onion rings which were piping hot, delicately battered, and sweet. They were not greasy. You have to be REALLY lucky to find a seat here, and if you get one of the parking spaces, you should buy a lottery ticket. I suspect when they first opened, naysayers likely told them that opening a diner on the edge of a graveyard was a bad idea. Turns out having quiet neighbors was probably a good thing.