City Works Menu


I went to a company holiday party here today. The place was packed, most likely with other corporate stiffs attending THEIR holiday parties. They easily accommodated the dozen of us.

Our single waitress (actually, I don’t know her marital status, but she served us with no help) was cheerful and efficient. Drinks were brought promptly. There is an amazing beer selection (which seem to be their raison d’etre.) I had a nice “banana bread” brew which was subtle and interesting. As I got their early, I tried out the bar, which was hipster-friendly-casual, and was pleased to discover that Tullamore Dew was a reasonable $7 a shot, with a double reduced to $12. This won them points.
We passed a round a few apps and bar bites. $7 pretzel bits and cheese sauce were a hit as were the equally priced cheese curds battered with cornmeal. $13 smoked wings were well-prepared and UBER smoky.. Finally, a $13 shredded buffalo chicken / blue cheese dip with tortilla chips was rapidly consumed and enjoyed.

Burgers are half pound, fresh brisket short rib blend (pub variety) served with olive oil parsley fries or side salad. I tried the fries. They tasted, unsurprisingly, like fries. The $16 Bacon Cheeseburger featured house smoked candied thick cut bacon, aged Vermont white and yellow cheddar cheeses, shredded iceberg, vine-ripened tomato, red onion on a toasted brioche bun. It tasted (unsurprisingly) like a bacon cheeseburger.

In sum this is NOT bad “Americana with a twist” corporate chain fare. It’s just that the twists are not very twisty. With the exception of the smokiness of the wings, there were no palate surprises here. A nice place to gather if you enjoy spending as much time parking as dining, but nothing to get excited about.. and it’s reasonably priced.