2323 West Chester Pike,  Broomall, PA


I’ve been driving past this unassuming little joint for well over 30 years without once having enough curiosity to stop in. I figured today was the day. I had considered the nearby Bocella’s Deli, but decided that could wait. T-bird had been in the queue long enough.

I picked up my almost-fearless dining companion, Azi, the better to divide and conquer. As has become our custom, we split a cheesesteak and roast pork and shared fries / onion rings.

The fried course was not noteworthy. Hot, but run-of-the-mill.

The sammies, on the the hand, were a hit. This is old-school Delco. They were extremely accommodating about our customizations (American AND Whiz, onions extra crispy on the steak.) Pork with sharp Provolone and fried long hots.

We started on the steak. Lots of roughly chopped meat SWIMMING in cheese. This was not a half and half American Whiz combo.. this was the full dose of each. Onions were crispy as asked. Despite the liquid content of the molten cheese, the Conshy Bakery roll withstood the contents (though Azi had some challenges controlling the escape instincts of the slippery cheese-coated beef.)

The pork came on a SEEDED roll (these were Conshy Bakery by the way) and was nothing less than succulent. The Provolone was gloriously melted. The seasoned pork was tender as could be. This is a holy grail pork sammy.

Will definitely return.pork