King of Prussia Town Center


Every time I leave a parking lot here, I swear I’ll never return, but since I decided to forgo the hot dog at Costco, and it was 1:45 PM I was too ravenous to trek to Norristown.

So this seemed SLIGHTLY less homogenous than the plethora of corporate kitchens surrounding it. And how bad could anything cooked in a tandoor BE??

It was OK. First of all, this is not a real standard layout, but once you figure it out, it’s kind of similar to a HoneyGrow or whatever. You mix various proteins, starches and vegetable matter until you think they will taste good together and you place your order and give your name. You’re given one of those buzzers, and it goes off when your meal is done (so you don’t REALLY have to give your name.) I don’t think they believed my real name was “Sanjay” anyway.

While you wait for your stuff (you get your drinks/cups up front) you gather a selection of dipping sauces. This is the important part. They are the best part of the meal.

Wife and I both ordered lamb. We were mildly surprised that they turned out to be ground lamb. Apparently the chicken and salmon are whole muscle, but what do you expect for $8, right? She ordered naan, and I ordered 1/2 rice and 1/2 greens (not expecting that the greens were spring mix.) The basmati rice was a little blah… I guess most people order tikka masala sauce for it. I added a bunch of chopped green peppers which were VERY hot.

The sauces were varied from mint to tamarind apple (tummy) to mango-whatever to VOLCANO (which was no-shit HOT.) Among the varieties, I cobbled together a decent salad dressing.) The others were fine for dipping the lamb and a better-than-serviceable samosa.

We did not see anything actually COOKED on any of the huge tandoors, but I suspect the meats were, at some point.)

Mango Lassi tasted almost, but not quite, unlike Mango Lassi. Kabob and Grill has nothing to worry about… but it’s about as good as “fast food” gets.