Ok.. So usually, I have a pretty stringent $20 budget for my lunches (or I’d never be able to sustain the habit.)  Occasionally, I like to treat myself (because I deserve it.) Today was such a day.

Having been given incentive by the bartender to try this place, I saved up some cash, and threw the budget to the wind for a day.)

Though I entered as an anonymous nobody, I was cordially greeted and treated by Lynn. I had initially intended to try a low-risk short rib pizza or sandwich, but after having properly introduced myself, Lynn heartily recommended I try the burger. So I did. It was an EXTRAORDINARY hunk of Prime ground mixture (not sure of the pedigree of cuts) that melted in my mouth, cooked to medium rare perfection.) Served with a remoulade and a ramekin of ketchup (for the crispy Parmesan encrusted fries … and you know a ramekin is a sign of quality .. ) it easily ends up in the top three burgers I could name in the area based on beef quality and execution.

As far as the venue is concerned, it was not extremely busy, but then it is competing with a huge number of cheap-eats venues within blocks. I did chance to meet a very cordial gentleman, obviously on a generous expense account lunch, who was tasting two wonderful bottles of red (which he graciously shared) and had ordered some wonderful cheeses and charcuterie as suggested by Lynn (who knows the offerings cold.) She is a HIGHLY professional bartender.

I had not expected this “quick lunch” to extend to 90 minutes, but had to hurry home to participate in a business call. Otherwise, I might still be there.

With two Jamesons and a bottle of Yuengling, lunch fell just short of $50. Certainly not something I can replicate on a daily basis, but it WILL be on the “special occasion” list. An altogether memorable lunch.