So I was craving Chinese today, but also a shot of Irish and a beer (why should today be different than any other?) I COULD have just taken the short route and gone to Shari-La, but thought I’d give the re-opened Yang Ming a shot. The parking lot (in fact the restaurant ) was pretty full at 12:30. The bar, not so much, but there were a couple of young ladies at the other end. Service was as friendly as I remember, and my poor attempts at communicating in Mandarin were tolerated without a flinch. Although there were a number of interesting lunch specials priced at the sub-$10 level, I decided to order from the Master Zhang Szechuan page in the back of the menu. The Dan Dan noodles ($6) were ordered extra spicy (in English because I don’t want to f$$% THAT up practicing Chinese.) They were served almost immediately, piping hot, but I could have gone up several levels of spiciness.) The noodles appeared to be linguine, and the dish included bok choy and cilantro (neither of which I’d seen in this dish before.) They were not unwelcome additions and I’d rate the preparation as good. I ordered the $14 Chonquing crispy chicken with hot dry peppers ( I guess in order to compare with Han Dynasty where both these dishes are mainstays.) The chicken was good (and it was a BIG serving) but not as crispy as Han (who obviously has extreme hot wok cooking down to a science.) Flavoring was PRETTY spicy, and included the tongue-numbing Szechuan peppers as well as the dry hots. This would have been much better had it not been so extremely salty. It was not too salty to eat, but verged on it. Glad I had a cool Yuengling at hand. For $35 before tip, it was not a cheap lunch. i will go back, but next time try the lunch specials from the regular menu, many of which sound like interesting preparations. Oh yes.. I did not notice any insects, rodents, other signs of less-than sanitary conditions.