Leo’s Steak Shop – 1403 Chester Pike, Folcroft, PA

During yet another “best cheesesteak” argument on another FB group last night, a musician friend chimed in with a vote for Jim’s. Appalled that he was not defending a champ from his own area (Delco) I suggested we meet at the legendary Leo’s. Realizing the weather would cooperate (picnic table dining only) it was a go. As he had decried the “shrinking” of typical Philly steaks these days, I knew Leo’s would not disappoint, and to ensure that, we went for the “large” 18″ steak. These weigh in at least 1.5 pounds. They resemble a medium-sized adult forearm.

We both went with American (they don’t have Whiz) though they offer Provolone. They also make great looking hoagies, slicing the meats to order, but that was not why we were there. Steaks are cooked to order, and when delivered, meet that elusive “gestalt” where seasoned meat, cheese, onions and sauce become one. I was fun to watch the grill man flipping this pile from the grill onto the custom 18″ Amoroso rolls. Amoroso has improved quite a bit since baking in Jersey. Still not a Sarcone’s, but it did not fall apart up until the last bite (yes we DID finish them.)

Leo’s is not just quantity. They are as good, and better than most downtown sammies from the famous players. They are a popular stop for folks with some time to kill near the airport, and rightfully so. One of these will easily last a flight to LAX.