Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse

This is my first visit since it was renovated. It looks fresher, but still unpretentious. Salad / buffet bar had plenty of fresh food all at proper temps. Staff kept it super clean, wiping up tiny grains of rice when the area was less than pristine.

It was relatively busy and the gentleman who was manning the grill was also tasked with running the meats out to the tables. Because there were both “by the pound” customers as well as “rodizio experience” customers, the poor guy was running back and forth from his station and the tables. They really should split the function.

Quality of food was overall good (namesake picanha OUTSTANDING and tender.) Chicken, linguica sausage, Sirloin and flank were also quite good. Garlic steak was a little chewy and well done. Most (not all) of the staff spoke English well. I asked for my meat “mal pasado” – rare, in Portuguese, and got it. In the past, I had found the meat here over salted, but today, only one (my third serving of picanha) had noticeable salt still on the meat, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

One tip (at this or ANY rodizio.. skip the brisket. It can’t be grilled. I don’t know why they try. Grilled brisket is inedible no matter where you get it.

Overall, a good experience. Lunch is priced the same as dinner ($25 for rodizio.) I used a Groupon which got my friend and I each a delicious cashew aqua fresca and a chocolate mousse dessert (it was light) at no additional charge.

Management and all staff were friendly and welcoming.