This was a VERY satisfying lunch. $13 for filet (NY steak is $10) Scallops were $10.. STUPID cheap. The real DRY scallops (expensive ingredient) were perfectly seared and not overcooked. Noodles were perfectly textured and fresh (as were the veggies.) Filet was tender and cooked to order. Well seasoned, interesting sauces.. tons of butter.. Hard to believe these ingredients and that kind of effort result in an under $30 lunch for two. Will be back.


We DID go back …

We were just here two days ago for the hibachi. With this being a blistering hot day, the wife and I figured sushi would be a great lunch. We’re SO glad we came back here. Out goto sushi is Woojung in Plymouth Meeting, mostly for the very creative and well-executed specialty rolls. Their sushi platter left me craving a Costco hot dog on our last visit. At the present time, 30 minutes later, I am not craving ANY hot dogs. 🙂 .

Daiki ended up being equal and in some ways better than our suburban bellwether. The six gyowza were delicate and served with a delicious sauce (probably based on mirin… we didn’t ask.) My sushi-sashimi combo (at a ridiculous $12.95) came with both a small iceberg salad with tasty ginger dressing – which I gave to my wife and a very umami laden miso soup. The fish was fresh, served at just the right temperature, and included a nice variety of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, mackerel and fluke. These were all made-to-order as was my wife’s Ichiban roll (which included spicy tuna, cuke, avocado and crunchy lobster tempura. It was also $12.95.

Service was delightful (the owners) and our water glasses were refilled as necessary. We were checked on at appropriate times during the meal to ensure everything was to our liking. Presentation was simple and beautiful for every dish.

Apparently, they are featuring an AYCE sushi deal on Wednesdays. I think this is something worth exploring. For a place as new as this is, they are hitting on all cylinders for both hibachi and sushi. Owners seem genuinely concerned about the customer dining experience, and that makes a difference.

On a subsequent visit (one of many) I found put they make their sauces from scratch (like the Teriyaki is made with real comb honey!!)