I’m a sucker for fried chicken. I’m pretty happy with Popeyes (and even Krispy Krunchy from a gas station) but when I hear about EXEMPLARY fried chicken from a non-chain chicken joint I go out of my way to try it. As my son lives in Olde City, and shares my passion for a hearty lunch, today was the day to try the much-hyped Love and Honey.

L&H is located in the Northern tip of Northern Liberties just before you hit Olde Kensington (which is distinguished from NEW Kensington as it is gentrified, and lacks the cracke and methe dealers.)

It is a cheerful little spot with a half dozen counter seats along the windows. The owners work there, and service is both warm and efficient. As we went right after noon, they had a small amount of product prepped, so a quick dunk in hot oil got our yardbird delivered instantly. Go off-peak and you’ll wait 20 minutes. My wife, son and I each ordered the $10 three-piece (breast, thigh and drumstick with cornbread.) We shared $5 sides of Mac and cheese and smoked turkey collards. EVERYTHING is made from scratch. Cornbread was moist and huge, and the provided honey butter brought it to another level.

The sides were quite well made classic versions. The chicken was spot on. The chicken itself is brined and even the breast was juicy and fresh. The seasoning was all in the artful breading which clung to the bird handily despite being torn into with some abandon. It, and the underlying skin were crisp and nearly each bite managed to combine breading and meat. The breast, though was so meaty that it outlasted its shell. Sources are Coleman Natural and Purdue.. No hormones or antibiotics. The ingredients, in other words, are top notch. Son and I both liberally doused the chix with the available hot sauce. It added a little something to the subtly honey-sweetened crust.

I’d certainly put them on a par with, or perhaps a notch above East Falls’ Foghorn which I’d reviewed a few months ago. The fact that H&L manages to do a bone-in breast so well gives them extra points. If you’re in the neighborhood (which is not as questionable an occurrence as it would have been a few years ago) it’s worth stopping by. If you are a fried chicken completest, it’s worth a special trip.