It’s been about a year since I’d eaten here, so I thought it worth a return visit. Yelp/Tripadvisor/Google reviews were all over the map. I had not been in about a year, and I though I’d revisit an old standard. I knew the chicken Parm was good, but thought I’d give the veal a shot for an extra buck (and also figured posting about veal might stop Facebook from recommending Vegan groups for me to join.)

The Delco-MILF bartender assured me it was real veal and not the “chuckwagon steak” that often show up at this price range. It was real, and it was tender. Not as big a portion as the chix was, but with the Ciabatta garlic bread, and al-dente spaghetti, I did not leave hungry. Food arrived quickly and HOT. After an appropriate period had passed, I was asked if everything was OK.

This is a nice old-school joint with 150 different beers (and I was not condescended to when I ordered a Yuengling Lager. With two decent shots of Tullamore Dew, the bill was $25.00 exactly. Not bad for a Friday lunch.

Next time, I will try the 1/2 lb. cheesesteak.